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A clean and green workspace will have you firing on all cylinders. Image via Vadim Kaipov. Link here
Working from home is set to be less a temporary trend and more a seismic shift in how we work. With Google, Twitter and a host of other influential businesses building flexibility into employee working hours, getting set up at home has never been more important. Whilst it’s not feasible for many of us to have a kitted-out office at home – let alone two! – there are some simple shifts that can really enhance your working experience at home. By considering a few of these options you can stimulate greater productivity, creativity and health – let’s dig in!
1. Desk Plant via Patch – link here  

 Patch will get you seeing green with productivity. Image with Patch Instagram.
More than a pretty addition, adding plants to your desk is proven to be beneficial in numerous ways including improved mental health, creativity, immune system not to mention cleaner and more oxygen-rich air. Whilst you can pick up plants from garden centres, websites such as Patch and The Stem offer a highly convenient service; affording you the  ability to pick both the plant and pots online. 

2 Laptop Stand – Etsy – link here  
Urban Hideout’s attractive laptop stand. Image via Etsy page here
Another smart move when considering your work from office is to get your laptop (if using one) off the table. As far as ergonomics are concerned, you should be able to look straight ahead at you screen – you should not be stoopping down! This is the cause of a huge amount of shoulder, back and neck pain. Stop by Etsy and pickup either a smaller laptop stand (such as pictured) or a larger setup (such as the Original Deskstand) that will allow you to work and take calls whilst standing. Prices vary a lot but all are hugely beneficial for your posture!
3. Blue light blockers from Teddith – link here
 Blue Light Blockers may be your new best friend. Photo via link here
Another tool that has some serious bang for your buck is a pair of blue light blocking glasses. Screens have been shown to emit a large amount of blue light which can suppress the secretion of melatonin (which helps you wind down and eventually sleep in the evening). Blue light blockers stop the blue light reaching our eyes; also happily helping to reduce eye strains! Pick up a pair from Teddith for £15.99 Winner!
4. Computer Desk Mat – link here
 Urban Hideout’s attractive laptop stand. Image via Etsy page here
Long days at the desk call for the luxury touch. One way to achieve this is by purchasing a computer desk mat which will give your surface a lovely touch and feel; as well as helping you organise your essentials equipment. RiversArcade on Etsy makes a beautiful wool mat (which includes additional layers of cork and neoprene) that I’ve got my eye on. Give your hands and elbows a break!
5. Aroma Diffuser – order Homedics via Urban Outfitters
 Diffuse your favourite oils such as lavender. Link via
Perfectly complementing the other items in this roundup, an aroma diffuser is a versatile tool to help you modify your working environment. Diffusing essentials oils such as rosemary are great for enhancing memory whilst scents often used for relaxing are lavender, lemon and neroli. A great option (and one with a light) is the Ellia Dream Ultrasonic Diffuser which is a great mid-range option. Combine with desk plants and you a fully-fledged biophilic practitioner! 
Note: biophilic is a term that involves designing with nature closely in mind!)

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