A Food Lover’s Guide to Podcasts

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A love of food has always been one of the few topics that unites people from all over the world. Nevertheless, the food we eat seems to be garnering an ever-increasing cultural importance with cooking programmes dominating prime time TV, a plethora of magazines dedicated to recipes, and food-related accounts taking over every social media platform. Podcasts are no exception, and there is an abundant selection of food and eating related series available to listen to. These pods range far and wide in their focus from the history of food to the most up to date trends and even culinary celebrities.

Podcasts that prove delicious for your heart and soul.

A Taste of the Past

Hosted by Linda Pelaccio, this podcast is incredibly easy on the ear. Linda’s soothing voice is sure to help you relax whilst you learn about various periods in food history, from Queen Victoria’s eating habits to how Chinese food developed for an American palette. Expert guests are invited to discuss food trends and culture of the past, and how they have influenced how and what we eat now. Packed full of scripted content, this podcast is both informative and interesting, perfect for long journeys or unwinding at the end of the day. Best for: relaxing.

Image © A Taste of the Past via Heritage Radio Network

Burnt Toast

The Burnt Toast podcast was born from Amanda Hesser and Merrill Stubbs’ website Food52 in 2015, and has grown ever since. The pod is now hosted by Michael Harlan Turkell who discusses a different, highly specific aspect of food community and culture in every episode such as the world of Maple syrup and the growing of gigantic pumpkins. The series aims to be short enough to fit in on your commute, so it’s as easy as pie to keep up with. Best for: The latest culinary trends.

Image © Burnt Toast via Player FM


Serving up food with a side of science and history, Cynthia Graber and Nicola Twilley's Gastropod delves deep into diverse topics from the culture of dieting to the story of the rise of the avocado, often inviting guests to divulge their expertise and wisdom. The pod goes on the road to visit sites that add to the authenticity of their material from scientific labs to archaeological digs. The podcasts are detailed to say the least and sure to leave you with a few interesting facts to share with your friends. Best for: food nerds.

Image © Gastropod via Facebook

The Sporkful

“It’s not for foodies, it’s for eaters” is the tagline of Dan Pashman’s James Beard award-winning podcast, The Sporkful. Pashman’s passion for food (and how we eat it) is evident in the range and the quality of his content. He tracks down interesting guests from all walks of life ranging from stars such as Nigella Lawson, who he dubs ‘The British Beyoncé’, to Alan and Arlene Alda, married 61 years and counting, brought together by rum cake. With his guests he discusses food, eating and all the platforms we experience it through; he believes learning about food is a great way to learn about people. Best for: great guests.

Image © The Sporkful with Dan Pashman via Facebook


Hoovering is a podcast hosted by British comedian Jessica Fostekew, which, instead of simply focusing on food, discusses the ritual, intricacies and complexities of eating. Each week she invites a new guest to chat about all things eating, such as the weirdest thing they’ve ever eaten, their favourite hungover cure and whether they follow the five-second rule. Whilst this podcast is often light and very funny (the majority of Jessica’s guests are fellow comedians), it also probes the darker side of eating as she discusses the dangers of diet culture. Best for: those who want to know everyone’s dirty secrets.

Image © Jessica Fostekew via Twitter