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Which Radical Are You?

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Photos and illustrations of the 8 PHM Radical figures (Top from left: Annie Besant, Jayaben Desai, Ian McKellan, Sylvia Pankhurst. Bottom from left: Ewan MacColl, Betty Tebbs, Thomas Paine, Mary Wollstonecraft). Courtesy of People’s History Museum.

Excited by the unexpected or make measured decisions? Happy in your own bubble or love sharing your passions with others? Constantly juggling causes or prefer some quality time off? There is no one way to make a difference.

Radicals are people who have fought for changes to improve the lives of others and achieve justice. Take the Which Radical Are You quiz to find out what kind of change-maker you could be, and learn more about the history of ideas worth fighting for in the process. 

People’s History Museum (PHM) celebrates the work of radical figures and the causes they fought for, from the fight for a weekend to universal suffrage to supporting refugees.  

PHM, the national museum of democracy, is open Wednesday to Sunday from 10.00am to 4.00pm, located in Spinningfields.

Find out what kind of change-maker you could be here