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It’s International Podcast Day tomorrow, so what better way to celebrate than to continue our Top Podcasts series! For this feature, it’s the turn of Feminist Podcasts. The clout of the #MeToo movement triggered by the revelation of widespread sexual abuse in Hollywood has meant that feminism has been pushed into the political spotlight more so than ever before in 2018. The movement highlighted just how much more there is left to do to make women’s place in the world safe and equal to their male counterparts. Accordingly, a slew of feminist podcasts have appeared in recent years that discuss the issues affecting women with some leaning towards comedy and others to hard-hitting political debate. The number of these pods are continually growing, so here is a selection of some of the best for an easy introduction.

Enjoy these hilarious and intelligent podcasts about feminism

The Guilty Feminist

The Guilty Feminist is not only the most well-known feminist podcast, but is also one of the most successful podcasts in general, often featured on various top charts. Each episode finds comedian Deborah Frances-White laughing with her guests in front of a live audience about how feminism works for the average woman, and how it is not always perfect but is a state of mind. The pod aims to debunk the oft-perpetuated stereotype of the superior and belligerent feminist through opening with the panel sharing anecdotes starting with the catchphrase: ‘I’m a feminist, but….’.

Image Credit: The Guilty Feminist via Facebook

Guys We F***ed

This podcast takes on one of the most topical issues facing feminists: slut-shaming. Corinne Fisher and Krystyna Hutchinson discuss sex candidly with a range of guests, including porn stars and sex gurus, as well as people that they have previously slept with. They aim to prevent sex being such a taboo subject so that their listeners can feel more confident and accepting of their sexual experiences and learn to stop shaming others about theirs. The podcasts are generally funny but they also invite deeper conversation as the pair also touch on weightier topics like assault and verbal abuse.

Image Credit: weareunited via Instagram

Stuff Mom Never Told You

This pod comes from the HowStuffWorks network and there are over 800 episodes to browse through, and with gems such as ‘How Aretha Franklin's RESPECT Became a Take No Sh*t Anthem’, ‘Complex PTSD and the #MeToo Movement’ and ‘Is Cat Calling Harassment?’, there is truly a theme and topic to suit feminists of every taste. The show is currently run by Bridget Todd and Anney Reese who took over from Cristen Conger and Caroline Ervin. The previous hosts have now moved on to run a new podcast, Unladylike, which could feature on this list in its own right as it considers what happens when women break the rules society has laid out for them.

Image Credit: Stuff Mom Never Told you via Facebook

What Would a Feminist Do?

The Guardian’s Jessica Valenti spearheads this podcast which confronts some of the most difficult and prevalent issues facing modern feminists, including feminism in the time of Trump, how immigration is a feminist issue and dealing with sexual violence. The pod consists of interesting and uncompromising interviews, stories and advice which invite interaction and feedback from its listeners. Valenti aims to make the show as a place where people of all genders and backgrounds can frankly discuss feminism and how it affects their lives.

Image Credit: The Guardian


This podcast from BitchMedia examines the nitty-gritty of feminism, delving deep into feminism from all different stand-points, covering topics such as how feminist intersectionality works, the reality of the patriarchy, and how gender inequality runs deep in the workings of politics. Host Soleil Ho pulls no punches, talking directly about the most relevant and infuriating aspects of pop culture, with episodes covering ‘The Myth of Racism Against White People’, ‘Good, Bad & Problematic at the Oscars’ and ‘Silence Breakers and the Weinstein Effect’. If there’s an aspect of pop culture in the public eye, you can be sure Popaganda has scrutinised its anti-feminist failings.

Image Credit: Bitch Media

2 Dope Queens

Jessica Williams, known for her time on The Daily Show, and fellow comedian Phoebe Robinson co-host this pod which focuses on inviting guests from BAME and LGBTQ backgrounds to talk about topical issues. Whilst this podcast is not totally devoted to discussing feminist issues, it often covers topics that are intrinsically linked to feminism as the pair examine their own lives. The pod is notable for its series of outstanding guests including Danielle Brooks from Orange is the New Black and feminist performance band Pussy Riot.

Image Credit: 2 Dope Queens via Facebook