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Derek Mitchell/vaultfestival.com

VAULT Creative Arts presents the second annual A Pinch of VAULT.

More than 50 shows will appear in this year’s festival which will take place at The Glitch and Sino Thai in Waterloo, from Wednesday 24th May – Sunday 18th June 2023. There are two festival weeks dedicated to ‘A Pinch of VAULT Comedy’ [24th May – 4th June] and two weeks dedicated to ‘A Pinch of VAULT Theatre’ [6th – 18th June] tickets are on sale now. Together, A Pinch of VAULT will feature four exciting weeks of new and original work from exciting and innovative comedy, theatre and performance artists. The four-week festival provides early and mid-career artists with a vital opportunity to showcase work that is currently in development in front of a live audience in a safe and supportive environment with tickets from just £5.

Highlights from this year’s ‘A Pinch of VAULT Comedy’ programme include Mariana Feijó’s  Blue Pencil, Derek Mitchell, who recently appeared on Ted Lasso, welcomes you to the least inspirational spin class of your life; Joshua Robertson, Mr Tit aka Piotr Sikora and  The Barry, Brian & Bean Company to name a few.

Highlights from A Pinch of VAULT Theatre programme includes Kaarina Kendall’s Around The Lake at Echo Park, 20B Thanet Road from Chronic Insanity, Bad Sex from Theo Hristov and Fur Coat No Knickers Theatre presents Vanilla. Additional highlights include mushmoss collective, Flat 4 Theatre, Polis Loizou’s I Was A Teenage Bisexual; a horror B movie, Amiot Hills’ ANTICHRIST, Vickie Holden in Fluid and West Avenue extremely queer play about moving on from trauma.

A Pinch of VAULT features work led by migrants and refugees, the LGBTQIA+ community, disabled and neurodiverse performers, working class artists, and  African and Asian diaspora led work.

A Pinch of VAULT Comedy: Wednesday 24th May - Sunday 4th June 2023.

A Pinch of VAULT Theatre: Tuesday 6th June - Sunday 18th June 2023.

Locations:           The Glitch, 134 Lower Marsh, London SE1 7AE
                              Sino Thai, 127-128 Lower Marsh, London SE1 7AE

Tickets are on sale now at:  vaultfestival.com/events