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Full cast announced for Raminder Kaur’s BREADTH

Sohaya Vision alongside Mukul and Ghetto Tigers have announced full casting for the world première of breaDth at Omnibus Theatre. Mukul Ahmed directs Érin Geraghty, Rez Kabir, Suzanne Kendall, David Kukadia, Kareem Nasif, and Celine Shamdasani. This production reunites most of the cast members with Sohaya Vision and Mukul and Ghetto Tigers, having previously appeared in Bodies, Kama Sci-Fi, Rivers with Diamonds, and Lalon – Heart of Madness.

Written by Raminder Kaur, Artistic Director of Sohaya Vision, and directed by Mukul Ahmed, Artistic Director of Mukul and Ghetto Tigers, the production opens on 17 May, with previews from 16 May, and runs until 3 June.

breaDth is a multi-media, magic realist drama based on true experiences of the pandemic, prejudice, and the care of older people, it takes us through the challenges, loves and humour behind these stories. The script was formed from interviews collected by researchers for the Consortium on Practices of Wellbeing and Resilience among Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic Families and Communities (ESRC).

breadth: 16 May - 3rd June - Omnibus Theatre London, SW4 0QW

Tickets from £13

Further Information: BREADTH - Omnibus Theatre (