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"There’s power in that fingerprint of yours. Make sure to use it wisely"

London 1623. Apprentice typesetter, 17-year-old John arrives to work under the mentorship of ambitious printer Isaac Jaggard on a potentially game-changing new commission – Shakespeare’s first-ever complete works.

As John grapples to stamp a manuscript of Macbeth onto the page, fuelled by his dark past, he finds himself weaving his own narrative into the text. But as the ink sets, he begins questioning who the storytellers really are…

Presented in line with the 400th anniversary of the publication of the First Folio, Compositor E celebrates the power of words and explores the many unlikely fingerprints that write and re-write history.

CAST: Tré Medley (John Leason), Kaffe Keating (Isaac Jaggard) and David Monteith (Richard Bardolph)

Directed by Marie McCarthy; Designer: Sophia Pardon; Assistant Designers: Yijin Li and: Lila Vitos; Lighting Designer and Videographer: Rachel Sampley; Sound Designer: Adam McCready; Dramaturg: Sam Pout; Associate Director: Chris Yarnell; Assistant Director: Joanna Woźnicka; Stage Manager: Meghan Smyth

COMPOSITOR E: 19 September – 7 October

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