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Feed This Black Man Again - UK tour!

Malawian born stand up Daliso Chaponda did his first show Feed This Black Man 20 years ago. The jokes were mediocre, there was a rap about poverty in the middle (which was as offensive as you might imagine) and the big finale involved a sandwich on stage!

20 years later, Daliso has done the the Royal Variety Show, written and starred in four series of ‘Citizen of Nowhere’ for Radio 4 series (that was nominated for the Rose d’Or) and was a finalist on Britain’s Got Talent.

In his brand-new show Daliso mulls over the wisdom of age. Wouldn't you love a chance to have your first relationship again?  Be employed at your first job, but this time stand up to your boss? This show has the same themes as ‘Feed This Man’ (written when he was extremely thin!), but with brand new jokes that Daliso has re-written.

He talks about how different the show would have been if he wrote it now instead of the original time, and wondered if he would have cared as much about white privilege, or cultural misportrayal as he did as a 21-year-old?   Along the way he'll examine the huge differences between the way you think life will be at twenty, and the reality. Oh and probably no sandwich at the end this time.

“Touring comedy is what i love most and do best.  What’s interesting about this show is that i look back on how i started, where i am and get to the bottom of why i love and need this.  It’s all very therapeutic and new age, but also i think this show is full of fun”

Tour dates


  • Thurs 25th: MAIDENHEAD – Norden Farm Centre


  • Fri 10th: ALDERSHOT – West End Centre
  • Fri 17th: BATH – Rondo Theatre
  • Tues 21st: COLCHESTER – Arts Theatre
  • Fri 24th: BEDFORD – The Quarry Theatre
  • Sat 25th: SWINDON – Arts Centre


  • Sat 1st: YORK – Theatre@41
  • Sat 8th: BRADFORD – Alhambra Theatre – Studio
  • Sat 15t: CHIPPENHAM – Neeld Community & Arts Centre
  • Fri 21st: BROMLEY – Churchill Theatre
  • Sat 22nd: SOUTHEND – Palace Theatre (Dixon Studio)
  • Sat 29th: NEWPORT – Riverfront Theatre

TICKETS:  Daliso Chaponda Tickets and Dates 2024 (seetickets.com)