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For the Love of Spam

From comedy to the cost of living, food banks to canned meat & colonialism these shows cover it all!


Wednesday 31 July – Monday 26 August - PleasanceCourtyard(Above)

This is a critical show about food banks from the multi-award-winning theatre makers Ugly Bucket. During the pandemic, Ugly Bucket volunteered at food banks and council helplines to support the distribution of emergency food parcels, and this is their response. Encouraging audiences to bring an item of food which they will use as their props, they will become a collection point and distribute their contributed props to food banks after each show. Where the rest of the world has forgotten the significance of food banks now that lockdowns have ended, Ugly Bucket urge us to remember and aid in the resurgence of them since the cost-of-living crisis.

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For the Love of Spam

Wednesday 31 July–Monday 26 August 2024 - Pleasance Courtyard

Winner of the Charlie Hartill Fund 2024, For the Love of Spam is a multi-sensory, participatory one-woman show dedicated to two things: canned meat and colonialism. In For the Love of Spam, Sierra brings to life her home island of Guam, and the people who live there. Using puppetry, movement and real on-stage cooking, this formerly Catholic, angry, and God-fearing woman strives to educate (and feed) the masses, all while 'liberating' her island. Sierra explores shifting immigrant narratives, Guam’s relationship with the US, and what it means to be caught in the crossfire of 'West vs East' political games that no one knows about.

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Come Dine With Me: The Musical

Wednesday 31 July–Monday 26 August 2024 - Underbelly (Cowbarn)

Televising the good, the bad and the downright ugly when it comes to culinary competitiveness and unchecked hospitality, Come Dine with Me has the perfect ingredients for an irreverent musical with big laughs and a big heart. Created by original Channel 4 and ITV producers who worked on the TV show, this musical highlights the chaos that follows clashing chef personalities and looks beyond the meltdowns, the sore losers and stroppy winners to delve deeper behind the scenes.

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