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Promotional poster for Edward Scissorhands showing a silhouette of the title character with scissor hands standing at the entrance of a hedge maze. Ratings and quotes describe the show as enchanting and a joyful theatre experience. Release date: September 25.

Matthew Bourne’s dance version of Tim Burton’s classic released in cinemas for the first time.

Trafalgar Releasing is delighted to announce that Edward Scissorhands: Matthew Bourne’s dance version of Tim Burton’s classic, has been filmed for the big screen and will be released in cinemas across the UK and internationally for the first time from Wednesday 25th September 2024. Tickets will go on sale from 4th July at EdwardScissorhandsDanceCinema.com.

Matthew Bourne’s magical production of Edward Scissorhands has carved a place in the hearts of audiences worldwide since its premiere in 2005. Based on the classic Tim Burton movie and featuring the hauntingly beautiful music of Danny Elfman and Terry Davies, Bourne and his company, New Adventures, return to this witty, bittersweet story of an incomplete boy left alone in a strange new world.

In a castle high on a hill lives Edward; a boy created by an eccentric inventor. When his creator dies, he is left alone and unfinished with only scissors for hands until a kindly townswoman invites him to live with her suburban family. Can Edward find his place in the well-meaning community which struggles to see past his curious appearance to the innocence and gentleness within?

Edward Scissorhands stars Liam Mower as Edward Scissorhands, with Ashley Shaw as Kim Boggs, Kerry Biggin as Peg Boggs, Dominic North as Bill Boggs, Ben Brown as Jim Upton, Nicole Kabera as Joyce Monroe and Luke Murphy as her husband, George. Completing the cast are Andrew Ashton, Stephanie Billers, Reece Causton, Jade Copas, Anna Maria de Freitas, Perriera de Jesus Franque, Savannah Ffrench, Glenn Graham, James Lovell, Aristide Lyons, Xholindi Muci, Stephen Murray, Edwin Ray, Holly Saw, Molly Shaw-Downie, Xavier Andriambolanoro Sotiya, Mami Tomotani and Carrie Willis.

Sir Matthew Bourne says: Since 2012 we have released 10 New Adventures’ productions in cinemas, allowing us to take our shows to many more places, both across the UK and around the world, than it is possible for us to reach with our live performances. I am delighted that it is now the turn of my version of Edward Scissorhands, based on Tim Burton’s classic film, to be shown on the big screen for the first time.

Edward Scissorhands: Matthew Bourne’s dance version of the Tim Burton classic

From Wednesday 25th September 2024

Cinema Tickets: Tickets available from Thursday 4th July at EdwardScissorhandsDanceCinema.com