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Image Credit: Amy Sinead Photography | Design: Gallusness

If you could dance for HOPE, what would you dance for…?

After critical acclaim for her eruptive dance show And at the 2022 Edinburgh Festival Fringe (‘jaw droppingly bold and clever: ✩✩✩✩✩ ’ - The Scotsman), contemporary experimental dance-artist Charlotte Mclean returns to direct Futuristic Folktales for an International Tour, April 5 - 27. 

Co-created by an exciting multi-disciplinary creative team including Helen McIntosh, Nelly Kelly, Malin Lewis, Astro Scheidegger, Orrow Bell, Alison Brown, Emma Jones, and Rob Evans, Futuristic Folktales is a collaboration-driven show that aims to disrupt and refresh expected formats of performance through radical and emotive explorations of reproductive justice and injustice, body politics, bodily autonomy, and identity.

Futuristic Folktales tells the momentous story of the first womb - an environment where life and death intimately coexist. Humbly attempting to unify humanity through the infinite narrative of birth, the show experiments with contemporary, breaking, and Scottish Highland dance to probe questions of tradition, preservation, myth, and identity. 

The performers share their unique perspectives, as Orrow and Astro intimately birth and unbirth each other. Inviting audiences to feel resistance as the performance imitates the hostile, terse environment of the womb, the show seeks to further dance as a form of political protest -  otherwise, why dance?

Director Charlotte Mclean commented: “Although every human is inherently different, the profound connection we all share is our origin from the womb. In Futuristic Folktales, we boldly reimagine the creation narrative, casting the resilient womb as the hero - journeying with it through realms of birth, unbirth, death, rebirth, portals to another world then back into the future, with hope and togetherness.” 


​5th April - The Space, Dundee BOOK HERE

18th April - The Place, London BOOK HERE

26th, 27th April - Tramway, Glasgow BOOK HERE