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Step back in time to the Tudors from June 2024

Hever Castle, the childhood home of Anne Boleyn – arguably the most beguiling and famous of Henry VIII’s six wives - will unveil the Boleyn Apartment on the first floor of the castle on 26 June 2024 to give visitors a truly unique and immersive experience of Tudor history.

The launch, which was originally planned for Monday 25th March, has been delayed due to a change in direction and design, led by the team at Hever. This change will ensure the best possible experience.

The apartment, the only surviving suite of rooms in the world that the Boleyn family definitely occupied, are being painstakingly re-interpreted with genuine Tudor artefacts and furnishings to create a 16th century atmosphere so authentic it would feel very familiar to Anne and her family, should they walk into them today. What makes Hever’s project unique, is the fact that rooms in other houses lived in by the Boleyn’s, in the UK and Europe, have either been destroyed or modified beyond their recognition.

The experience will tell the story of Anne’s journey to become Queen in Waiting. The use of tapestries, fabrics, rush matting, friezes, 16th century furniture, will help visitors feel like they are walking in the shoes of the woman whose influence would change the course of English history, monarchy and religion. The rooms will become increasingly more opulent as you move through them as Anne’s status increased over time.

Castle Historian Kate McCaffrey said: “We are thrilled to announce our plans for the Boleyn Apartment. We wanted to create a series of rooms that lets the visitor step back in time to the world of Anne Boleyn – Hever’s most famous inhabitant. We have an incredibly rare, unique opportunity to use these rooms as they would have been used and present them sympathetically.”

Hever Castle, The Boleyn Apartment: 26 June 2024

Hever Castle & Gardens, Hever, Edenbridge, Kent TN8 7NG

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