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Image credit: Malta Pavilion, Courtesy London Design Biennale

A global exhibition dedicated to design-led innovation, creativity & research.

The fourth edition of London Design Biennale will be opening its doors at Somerset House on 1 June- 25 June, with more countries and projects taking part than ever before, featuring 45 pavilions from 5 continents, involving more than 50 countries, cities and territories. Exhibitors from around the world will showcase world-leading design, confronting global challenges and inspiring audiences with thought-provoking and interactive installation.

New for this edition EUREKA will showcase design-led innovation from the UK’s leading research centres, featuring cross- disciplinary invention and creativity from academics, leaders and problem solvers. Eureka will explore a wide range of topics, from ageing to city planning to Britain’s colonial history, social equality and the cultural and emotional significance of our oceans

To find out more about London Design Biennale: London Design Biennale

To find out more about Eureka: Eureka (

London Design Biennale is open from Monday to Sunday 1- 25 June 2023

Book your ticket and exhibition catalogue now. London Design Biennale 2023 | Somerset House