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Shakespeare’s bloody tragedy consumes the Globe Theatre this summer.

One couple’s ruthless quest for power turns nature upside down as Shakespeare’s bloody tragedy Macbeth consumes the Globe Theatre this summer, exploring the impact and exploitation of unexpressed grief, from 21st July to 28th October.

When the universe gives Macbeth a sign that he will become King, he and his wife stop at nothing to cling to power, leaving a trail of destruction in their wake.

The cast of Macbeth, directed by Abigail Graham (The Merchant of Venice, 2022) comprises: -

Aaron Anthony as Macduff, Luke Beggs as Young Siward, Max Bennett( Poldark) as Macbeth, Calum Callaghan as Witch / Porter / Murderer, Ben Caplan as Witch / Murderer / Doctor, Timothy Daniel as Fleance, Max Ellis as Young Siward, Matti Houghton as Lady Macbeth, Cam'ron Joseph as Macduff's Child, Helena Lymbery as Duncan / Siward, Joseph Payne as Malcolm, Arno Perry as Macduff's Child, Ferdy Roberts as Witch / Seyton, Elijah Sholanke as Fleance, Fode Simbo as Banquo, Gabby Wong as Ross and Eleanor Wyld as Lady Macduff.

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Macbeth: 21 July – 28 October 2023

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