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May Contain Food credit Giulia Di Vitantonio

Taste, smell, touch and sight are invoked in a sensory dance theatre show

Inviting audiences to think about the sensory, cultural and social implications of food whilst biting into a tomato, smelling freshly baking sticky ginger pudding and watching two performers dance for their suppers, Luca Silvestrini’s Protein’s popular refashioned version of May Contain Food will be touring this Spring. This special adaptation is a duet performed in more intimate settings close to communities in village halls and arts centres, set to music by acclaimed composer and published home cook Orlando Gough. Audiences are invited to join in by bringing and sharing homemade dishes and locally sourced or homegrown food for table picnics, and many venues will be partnered with a local foodbank.

Sat around themed circular tables designed by Yann Seabra, audiences will be encouraged to share their own stories, memories and anecdotes associated with food, as well as helping the performers bake a sticky ginger pudding live on stage in this informal, immersive cabaret-style show. Protein will also be bringing this sense of community and camaraderie to older and vulnerable people by taking a specially adapted version, May Contain You, into care homes alongside their national tour.

Speaking about the tour Luca Silvestrini said: “We are very excited to bring back this much-loved show and to continue our passion in reaching rural areas and their communities. Given the uncertainties, struggles and divisions of this moment in time, reuniting people around a table to celebrate, think and share food feels important and life affirming. We are delighted that Arts Council England and Rural Touring Dance Initiative are supporting this tour, which includes our dementia friendly adaptation of the show for care homes.”

Listings information

Conceived and created by Luca Silvestrini and Orlando Gough

Performed and devised by Sonya Cullingford & Simon Palmer

Directed by Luca Silvestrini       Music by Orlando Gough

Designed by Yann Seabra        Lighting by Jackie Shemesh

Additional material devised by Jeremy Avis, Sara Black, Martin George, Jonathan Glew, Antonia Grove, Carl Harrison, Michael Henry, Saara Hurme, Donna Lennard, Sally Marie, Melanie Pappenheim, Louise Sofield, Peter Willcock and Jonathan Williams and Matthew Wintson

May Contain Food May Contain You: 23 February – 13 April 2024

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