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New Diorama Theatre Spring 2023 Reopening Programme

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New Diorama unveils a new programme of work over February-June 2023, featuring internationally celebrated artists and new work from long-time associates.

After The Act

The programme kicks off with After The Act (28 Feb – 1 Apr), a musical world premiere marking 20 years since the repeal of Section 28 Abseiling lesbians! Queers in classrooms! Perverts panicking parents! And an act of oppression that inspired a generational riot!

little scratch

Following that NDT are offering audiences a second chance to catch the mesmerising little scratch (12 Apr – 13 May), one of the most acclaimed shows of recent years from world-renowned director Katie Mitchell. A breath-taking ensemble performance follows the life of a woman across a single day.

War & Culture

Running late at night for a limited run is brand new commission War & Culture (26 Apr – 12 May) written by Nina Segal. In 2022, NDT submitted various freedom of information requests regarding government interference in cultural organisations and arts funding. We did not specify that any information would be used in a show. There are also things we know, but we can’t tell you how we know them. This isn’t a joke, although the show will be funny.

And The Stars Were Burning Brightly

And finally, a new venture from Camden Youth Theatre, with local teenagers getting the rights to the world premiere stage adaptation of And The Stars Were Burning Brightly (2 & 3 June), based on Danielle Jawando’s acclaimed young adult novel, mapping a teenager's quest for answers in the aftermath of a suicide.

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