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November events

A  full programme of events for child and adult visitors to the Royal Observatory Greenwich. Admission charges apply to planetarium shows.

Highlights this month include:

Visit the Peter Harrison Planetarium to see shows suitable for all ages, including brand new show We Are Guardians which looks at how ecosystems are intrinsically connected and with the increasing use of Satellite Monitoring, examines the links between human activities and climate change.Shows are daily.

Evening with the Stars:  10, 11, 24, 25 November 2023. Join the Royal Observatory astronomers for a unique stargazing experience that includes a planetarium show and then, weather permitting, the astronomers will guide participants across the night sky with both modern-day telescopes and the 130-year-old Great Equatorial Telescope.

Discover a range of astronomy courses suitable for beginners and more experienced students including:-

  • Introduction to Astronomy - 31 October – 5 December 2023. A six-week course for people with no prior knowledge of astronomy. It offers a basic introduction to the subject from historical, scientific, and practical perspectives.
  • Amateur Astronomy for Beginners - 31 October - 5 December 2023.  This course provides information on everything from how to choose and use telescopes, to identifying targets and planning observing activities. 
  • Intermediate Astronomy - 12 September - 21 November 2023. This course offers a firm grounding in the study of the Sun-Earth-Moon system, the Solar System, the Milky Way Galaxy and the wider Universe.
  • Life in the Universe - 30 October - 4 December 2023.  Students learn about what it is that makes Earth suitable for life, uncover the difficulties astronomers encounter when looking for those conditions elsewhere in the Universe, and take a brief look into our search for intelligent life.
  • Foundation Astrophysics - 12 September - 21 November 2023. Provides the opportunity to study a number of topics in astronomy at foundation degree level, without the costs associated with accreditation or the pressure of examination
  • Introduction to Astrophotography - 31 October - 5 December 2023  This course provides basic knowledge, skills and techniques needed to create images of space. 

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