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Free Open Call for major project: The Gallery Season 4 exhibition!

The Gallery is a new kind of cultural institution without walls that challenges traditional models of viewing art. Each season we invite artists to respond to some of the most important topics and questions of our time. The aim of the project is to generate meaningful debate and start a national conversation through art. Season 4 of The Gallery will launch in May 2024.

Taking over thousands of public sites traditionally reserved for advertising, The Gallery is powered by the Out-of-Home industry exhibiting on street billboards, digital screens, bus shelters and cinemas. To date, the past three seasons of The Gallery have been viewed over 164 million times by people across the UK. The artworks will also be exhibited online at

The Gallery Season 4 invites artists to make work in response to the theme: A REAL WOMAN. 

“What does it really mean to be a woman? How do women see themselves - in relation to each other and to the rest of the world?

How does a woman decide the kind of woman she is? Who's looking? Who's judging? What insight might the experience of transgender women provide?

We’re keen to hear from any artist who identifies in any way, if they feel they have artistic insight to share.” The call out is open to practitioners aged 18+, working at any level, including students. Artists can be based anywhere in the world. 

All selected artists receive:

  • A fee of £2,000  
  • Support from Creative Director Martin Firrell  
  • Support from our exhibition Curator Bakul Patki 
  • An international platform to exhibit work including through the dedicated website at 

Deadline: 4 Feb 2024

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