Operation Ouch! Food, Poo and You

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Dive headfirst into the digestive system for an unforgettable journey!

The Science and Industry Museum one of Manchester’s best-loved museums has announced the first full details of its upcoming world-premiere exhibition and its most outrageous experience to date! Tickets are now available for Operation Ouch! Food, Poo and You opening at the museum on Friday 21 July and it can now be revealed just what visitors can expect.

So Join  Dr Chris, Dr Xand and Dr Ronx for a special mission to discover where our food goes when we eat. Prepare to be shrunk, swallowed, squeezed through and spat out of Dr Xand's digestive system with this lively adventure to better understand our brilliant bodies. 

From bowels to gallbladders, explore the role of each organ in the digestive journey with incredible interactive activities. Sniff out the science of how food is broken down, protect the body from bugs by fighting off bad bacteria and step up to the poo-duction line to work together to help move waste through the large intestine and out the other end. 

Get ready to get up close and in one case, extremely personal, with presenters and take part in this epic experiment full of super-sized science, unfiltered adventure and glorious grossness. Cutting edge technology will also be on public display as part of an exhibition for the first time in the form of Larry the Vomiting Robot, who helped scientists understand the distribution of norovirus particles by demonstrating how far sick splatters.

This is the first time that Operation Ouch! has been brought to life as an exhibition experience.

Don’t miss out, book your tickets now.

£10 Adults, £9 child /senior / concession. Ages 3 and under free. Family discounts available.