Restoration of the Station Agent’s House

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The Station Agent’s House

Have you ever wanted to spend a night at the museum? Well soon you could...

Thanks to a partnership between the Science and Industry Museum and The Landmark Trust the Grade I listed Station Agent’s House will receive a new lease of life and reopen as a residence for the first time in almost 100 years.

Dating from 1808, the building is one of city’s oldest surviving Georgian houses. Originally built as a private residence, it was used to accommodate the Station Agent when Liverpool Road Station was built, before being converted into shops. Since the museum opened in 1982, it has been used as offices. The Landmark Trust will now lease and restore Station Agent’s House, providing a new place to stay in Manchester and making it accessible to the public for the first time in almost a century. This holiday let will sleep up to 8 people and will provide a sympathetic new use for one of Manchester and the UK’s significant heritage buildings.

The transformation of the property will also improve the environmental performance of the building and use sustainable heating technology such as heat pumps in alignment with the Landmark Trust’s, Science and Industry Museum’s and Manchester’s decarbonisation plans and sustainability goals.

Help support the transformation of this extraordinary home and help to raise the final £118,000 - to complete the conversion and repair work. On completion The Station Agent’s House will join Landmark’s collection of 200 historic buildings available to everyone for amazing holidays.

Further Information: The Landmark Trust | Holidays in Historic Buildings