SBTRKT Drops First Album in Seven Years, ‘THE RAT ROAD’

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The mysterious UK dance hero breaks a seven-year hiatus yet still sounds fresh as ever.

Back after seven long years, the masked marauder is back with the intention of going big. Having already distanced himself from his roots in future garage and 140 with his last album, he now goes further into American territory, coopting trends of EDM but with consummate skill.

Already perfecting the club banger that can also be enjoyed in a living room, or on the bus, SBTRKT takes it down a peg on a few tracks, opting for a slower ballad style, often a heartfelt non-dance track, of course scored by progressive electronica.

SBTRKT hasn't lost his London roots of course, including an obligatory D Double E feature, giving the Newham general his own interlude. He links up with regular collaborator Sampha once more, as well as a double feature from Toro y Moi, a welcome voice for electronica. 

He takes popular dance music full art house; poppy enough for casual crowds to dance to, but unfamiliar enough for zealots to take interest. He is already massively respected by both crowds on the back of his last album, it just took him seven years to show he could do it again.

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