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Louise Ahl brings new solo opera work to Take Me Somewhere festival 2023

Premiering in full at this year’s Take Me Somewhere festival from Friday 20 - Saturday 21 October comes Skunk without k is Sun - a new experimental opera solo work, created by UK based Swedish performer, artist, and choreographer, Louise Ahl (Lite Metle; Hevi Metle; For now we see through a mirror, darkly; Holy Smoke). 

Arresting and powerful, Skunk without k is Sun combines vivid sensory components with poetic audio description - utilised within the performance as sung operatic material - to create a three-act opera that challenges ideas of blind accessibility, opera and storytelling.

Bespoke environmental scents will transform during the piece and exist as another layer of narration. The piece explores the human tendency to describe and name its presence in order to exist. It is a world where language shapes a reality of constant transformation whilst embracing a non-human expression. It zooms out on the macro-perspective of an earth that transforms beyond human presence and into the micro-perspective of the traces we’re leaving behind. 

Act 1 presents the atmosphere, design and the performer of the work. The colours are intoxicating. Green without blue is yellow. A thunder cloud hovers.  

Act 2 presents human behaviour in all its forms. It is a tragicomical act.  

Act 3. The Earth collapses. Fires rage. Roses burn. A new romance is born.

Skunk without k is Sun:  Friday 20 - Saturday 21 October 2023, Glasgow

Further Information:  Take Me Somewhere