Sorry We Didn’t Die at Sea

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A satirical, absurdist play that darkly refracts Europe’s migration crisis

It’s the near future and Europe has failed. A domino effect of nationalist, isolationist policies has left the continent’s economies on the brink of collapse, and citizens of the countries who closed their borders to immigrants are forced to flee across the seas. 

Placing their lives at the mercy of a mysterious people-smuggler, they embark on a journey in a claustrophobic shipping container, in the hopes of a better life. Forced to exist on the brink between civility and chaos, they pray that they will reach their destination. And yet there are natural - and human - forces at work which are far beyond their control.

This darkly comic, absurdist, and political piece offers us a refracted story of European migration - asking us how well we would fare if we were forced to make a perilous journey across the sea, and what lengths we would go to in order to survive.

Company information

Directed by Daniel Emery, Written by Emanuele Aldrovandi, Translated by Marco Young, Set and costume design by Alys Whitehead, Sound design by Jamie Lu, Produced by Katharine Farmer


The Beautiful One Yasmine Haller        

The Burly One Felix Garcia Guyer

The Tall One Will Bishop                       

The Stocky One Marco Young

Sorry We Didn't Die at Sea: 13 – 30 September - Park Theatre, London N4 3JP

Further Information:  Sorry We Didn't Die at Sea | Projects | Park Theatre