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Surfing the Holyland

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Think Bridget Jones on a surfboard in the scorching Middle East....

When a wide-eyed American moves to Tel Aviv, how does she navigate the wild waters of the Middle East? She learns to surf!

Surfing the Holyland is back in Brighton! With colourful characters, ukulele anthems and one woman’s search for chutzpah, this classic fish-out-of-water tale blends bighearted comedy, electrifying storytelling and bold physicality in a fast -paced, solo show exploring female empowerment and rebirth.  Drawing on the universal experience of the outsider and the unique perspective of the Jewish convert, writer and performer Erin Hunter offers audiences a rare glimpse into Israeli culture and daily life.

Heather is bored of her job, bored of Ohio, and bored of fertility problems, so when her husband Zach lands a new job in Tel Aviv, Heather is happy to swap home for the Holyland. There, immigrant life slaps Heather with acute culture shock, a rejected work visa and a husband who discovers God. But Heather is determined to have her own adventure. When she impulsively books a surf lesson with a painfully sexy teacher, everything changes. Surfing helps Heather cope with the Israeli ‘balagan’, finding a wall of water all while her husband Zach finds ‘The Wailing Wall’.

You will love this real it hurts…you’re going to laugh for a good hour ★★★★★ - West End Evenings

Surfing the Holyland:  Thursday 1st June – Sunday 4th June 2023

Caravanserai, St. Peter’s Church North, Brighton, BN1 4GU

Further Information & Tickets: Surfing the Holyland - Brighton Fringe