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HFH Productions announce double-bill for the Edinburgh Fringe Festival this summer

SURRENDER: 1 – 26 August

Summerhall, Edinburgh

Mother is in prison. Daughter – from whom she has been estranged for 13 years – has come to visit. Closely watched by security personnel, they have 1 hour.

As unreliable as she is charming, Mother recounts her version of events, knowing this is their last chance to reconnect. Along a blurry journey of sleep deprivation and abandoned love, we discover the true reason for her imprisonment and ask: how can you keep a hold of yourself when you’re forced to get lost in your keeper.

Surrender looks at the system of social care, which catches people in its web – often saving lives – but in this case, things may have fractured beyond repair. Once a parent has been flagged in the system, a murky trail of mistakes and malpractice is logged… and there is little chance to turn back the clock. 

Inspired by Kate’s journey into obedience in ‘The Taming of the Shrew’, Surrender interrogates expectations of submission within motherhood.

Written by Sophie Swithinbank in creative partnership with Phoebe Ladenburg and Director Associate Nancy Medina.

Further Information: Surrender - Summerhall Festival 2024

FLICKER: 31 July – 26 August

The Pleasance, Edinburgh

Have you ever thought about your Dad's cock at a funeral? If you did you would probably dismiss it as a mere intrusive thought. But what if your brain couldn't do that?

When being queer goes from one of many intrusive thoughts to a real feeling, how do you know what’s true, or intrusive? If you can’t trust your own thoughts, what can you trust? Flicker is a modern-day sex farce exploring Pure OCD, created through consultation with OCD UK.

PURE OCD is a type of OCD that is characterized by intrusive and uncontrollable thoughts that are opposite to what you believe. 3 key subsections: Harm OCD/ Sexuality OCD/ Paedophilia OCD. Flicker has been created through consultation from OCD UK.

Written by Gabriella Foley; Directed by Zoe Templeman-Young.

Further Information:  Flicker | Pleasance Theatre Trust