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Let Us Raise Our Glasses To What We Don't Deserve

An exhibition of new paintings by Stanley Donwood & Thom Yorke

A series of new large-scale paintings co-created by Stanley Donwood and Thom Yorke will be presented by TIN MAN ART in a two-part exhibition at Cromwell Place, the first of which is in September (6-10), with a follow up at the end of the year (6-10 December).

The Crow Flies marks an important moment in the duo’s 30-year association, with a series of artworks that were made by both artists literally side-by-side, painting at the same time.

This new style of artistic collaboration was first born out of last year’s critically acclaimed debut album A Light for Attracting Attention from The Smile, a new band comprising Thom Yorke, fellow Radiohead bandmate and film composer Jonny Greenwood and jazz drummer and member of Sons of Kemet, Tom Skinner.

The exhibition will also include a Flemish woven tapestry of one of the key paintings, commissioned by the artists to celebrate the album’s one-year anniversary.

Having first met Yorke when they were both art students, Stanley Donwood has provided the artwork for all of Radiohead’s albums and materials since 1995’s The Bends. His iconic paintings provide the first visual foray into Yorke’s music, both throughout the musician’s solo career and with his various band projects.

With over 20 works to include, the series will be exhibited in two parts.

The Crow Flies: Part One: 6th-10th September 2023 : Part Two: 6th-10th December 2023

Further Information:  What's On | Cromwell Place