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The Sky Tonight/ shows.

A full programme of events for visitors this September

Highlights include:

Exploring Mars: Daily 10.00 – 17.00

Journey to the Red Planet in this display exploring the incredible discoveries that have been made about Mars so far and consider the exciting possibilities of what the future may hold for humans on the planet.

Astronomy & Islam: Prophet’s Birth: 16 September 2023

Learn all about the Arabic stories behind popular constellations during a show on the connections between Islam and astronomy. It also features how to spot the next New Crescent Moon, and the sky on the night of the Prophet Muhammad's birth.

The Sky Tonight: Weekends during term-time

This live show, presented by a Royal Observatory Astronomer, takes visitors on a tour of what can be seen in the night sky on the day of their visit and the months ahead. 


Introduction to Astronomy: 12 September - 17 October 2023

A six-week course for absolute beginners, offering a basic introduction to the subject from historical, scientific, and practical perspectives.

Introduction to Astrophysics: 12 September - 17 October 2023

A six-week course for people with some prior knowledge of astronomy who are interested in exploring topics at the cutting edge of modern astronomical research and the limits of human knowledge.

For Information on all the above and the many other courses and activities available please visit the website: Royal Observatory | Royal Museums Greenwich (