Three Part Oktoberfest Celebration

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Celebrating Unity and Diversity

Expect a traditional Oktoberfest alongside Pink Oktoberfest and the UK’s first Blacktober Fest to help kick off Black History month.

Get ready to raise steins high in celebration of multiple Oktoberfest experiences that defies the ordinary, this Autumn at Between The Bridges! Poised alongside the iconic River Thames, this unrivaled location is set to stage an extraordinary blend of diversity. Kicking off with traditional festivities on the 22nd, 23rd, 29th, and 30th of September, the venue welcomes the festival vibes of Old Dirty Brasstards & Massaoke, the most entertaining and interactive group singalong. Attendees are urged to BRING THE SING and join in the largest pop anthem choir in London.  

On 7th October, in collaboration with Black History month, the UK's inaugural Blacktober Fest will celebrate the LGBTQI+ communities of diverse origins, marking the start of Black History Month.

Pink Oktoberfest, returning for its third year on the 14th and 21st October, will feature flamboyant performances from London's LGBTQI+ communities, promising a vibrant and unique Oktoberfest experience. Attendees can expect an exhilarating lineup featuring London's elite drag acts, dazzling cabaret performances, dynamic dancers, and the unmistakable rhythms of the OmmPah Pay Band. Dubbed the "campiest Oktoberfest celebration", the event encourages all to don their Pink Lederhosen and dive into an evening where Bavarian melodies meet contemporary beats, all in a spirited embrace of joy, acceptance, and unabashed self-expression.

To encapsulate an authentic Oktoberfest atmosphere, Between The Bridges is morphing into a German Beer Hall-style venue. Every ticket holder will be greeted with a two-pint stein of beer, a requisite accessory for any Oktoberfest celebration. For those who'd prefer to relish the music and food without the brew, beer-less ticket options are also readily available.

A member of the Between The Bridges team says " This three-part Oktoberfest series is not just a celebration of beer and music—it's an embrace of unity, diversity, and shared joy. As we bring the essence of Bavaria to the banks of the Thames, we're also shining a spotlight on the beautiful mix of cultures that make our city unique.”

  • Ocktoberfest - 22,23,29 & 30 September
  • Blacktober Fest - 7 October
  • Pink Octoberfest - 14 & 21 October

Further Information: Oktoberfest – Between the Bridges