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What’s on at the Royal Court Theatre.

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Two productions coming up at the Royal Court Theatre this November; Not One of These People by Martin Crimp and Baghdaddy by Jasmine Naziha Jones.

Not One of These People

Thursday 3 November 2022 – Saturday 5 November 2022.

Internationally renowned playwright Martin Crimp returns to the Royal Court with his new play directed by Christian Lapointe, following a run in Québec earlier this year. Crimp himself performs the play, using deep-fake computer technology to bring 299 unique characters to the stage. He explores questions of identity, appropriation and ownership, with characteristically provocative humour. 

★ ★ ★ ★ “A work of exceptional ambition. “Daily Telegraph

Further Information: Not One of These People - Royal Court (


18 November 2022 – Saturday 17 December 2022. 

Jasmine Naziha Jones’ Baghdaddy is a playfully devastating, coming-of-age story, told through clowning and memory to explore the complexities of cultural identity, generational trauma and a father-daughter relationship amidst global conflict. It follows Darlee and her relationship to her father, as she realises her Iraqi identity while the Gulf War rages three thousand three hundred and twenty miles away.  Darlee is only 8 years old, when she realises that she is Iraqi. She saw it on the news last night after Neighbours and fish fingers. Heard the fear slipping through the receiver, saw it oozing from Dad’s eyeballs and into the living room as he tried to phone home.What she can’t process now, she’ll be haunted by later; the spirits hounding her will make sure of that…

Jasmine Naziha Jones’s debut play was developed as part of an Introduction to Playwriting group at the Royal Court. Royal Court Associate Milli Bhatia (seven methods of killing kylie jenner) directs.

Further Information: Baghdaddy - Royal Court (