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Six artists announced for Without Walls’ Blueprint programme

Having already announced their 2024 programme of newly commissioned touring work, Without Walls have now selected six artists for their Blueprint programme, supporting the Research and Development of new and ambitious outdoor arts projects. The 2024 Blueprint artists selected by Without Walls are: Pagrav Dance Company, Working Boys Club, Company DHW, Middle Child, Mark Smith Productions and Poppy Plowman Productions.

GO GRANDAD, GO! from Company DHW is a heartwarming interactive family-friendly dance theatre show that focuses on the importance of intergenerational relationships. This show presents the bond between a grandfather and his grandchildren as they prepare for their family talent show.

Middle Child will be developing John from Hull, a story that asks big questions about race, class and privilege. Told in Middle Child’s unique style, it is about the people in our community and how the constant pressure we’re all under can shape us into people we don’t want to be.

Pagrav Dance Company’s One Sky is an exciting dance spectacle and community celebration inspired by the famous Kite Festivals of India. With vibrant colour, joyful music, breathtaking movement and enthralling dramatic performance, professional dancers will be joined by the community in this authentic celebration of Indian culture and art.

Shadow & Persona is a contemporary circus show from Poppy Plowman Productions that combines tight wire, high wire and live music to discuss the intersectionality of social identity. This jaw dropping show will promote mental health awareness, solidarity, self-reflection and self-acceptance.

Working Boys Club will be developing We Break. We Build, a reflection on resilience and the beauty of community support. Inspired by the simple magic of finger push puppets, the piece invites us all to reflect and rebuild together.

Mark Smith Production’s SYNERGY is an outdoor performance exploring the profound impact of climate change on Deaf and disabled individuals. With live streaming from smart phones, and live dance performance, SYNERGY explores themes of information and disinformation spread by social media, power and control.

Ralph Kennedy, Chief Executive of Without Walls, comments, The 2024 Blueprint programme propels innovation in outdoor arts, nurturing the creative visions of six remarkable artists. These projects are linked by a common thread of community, resilience, and solidarity, celebrating creativity without limits.

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