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An exploration of one woman’s journey of discovering her power

After the success of the show’s 2021-22 tour, writer, theatre-maker, and artist Luca Rutherford (Learning How to Die, ARC Stockton; Hold On Let Go; Summerhall) will bring her impassioned performance piece You Heard Me to Battersea Arts Centre, before embarking on an autumn tour. Exploring the complex and messy ways in which we connect to our internal power, Luca’s story of resilience and self-discovery empowers audiences to honour themselves by taking up space and finding their own voice.

Are you listening? You Heard Me is a true story that celebrates a single moment of noise that allowed creator and performer Luca Rutherford to escape an attack. This moment made her understand what it means to occupy space, to heal and be part of something much bigger than herself. A theatrical experience about refusing to be silenced and the power to re-make, re-mould and disrupt, You Heard Me follows one woman’s journey to reclaiming the space she occupies.

You Heard Me is a poignant celebration of how we can help ourselves and each other find our voices – creating small ripples of change that become the catalyst for wider impact. 

It is for anyone who has been underestimated. Anyone who has been told to shut up. Anyone who has been afraid to walk home.

This is a show about refusing to stay quiet. This show exists because without using her voice, Luca wouldn’t.

Are you still listening?

Please note all performances will be relaxed – audiences are invited to move around if you need to, and if you need to leave the performance, you will be allowed to return when you feel ready

You Heard Me: Wednesday 27th September – Saturday 14th October 2023

BSL performances 3rd and 10th October

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