Zoe’s Peculiar Journey Through Time

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Hurtle into a time-travelling adventure featuring magical puppetry

Inspired by stories of plastic waste in the oceans forming their own floating islands, Zoe’s Peculiar Journey Through Time is touring the UK this Autumn, opening at the Southbank Centre in London. Every object in the production has been created from either found objects or non-single-use plastics. Directed by Sue Buckmaster and written by Jimmy Osborne with Sue Buckmaster this magical tale will be told through visual storytelling, dialogue, some use of BSL and puppetry.

Zoe loves meeting up with her friends, but one day as she’s getting ready, something very peculiar happens…

Catapulted one hundred years into the future, Zoe finds herself on a mysterious island made entirely of plastic waste. She doesn’t have time to think before her real adventures begin.  Determined to find a way home, she seeks help from the Island’s three curious Scavengers and in a race against time, the Ancient Spirit of the Island sends them on a quest. Zoe sets off to explore, solving riddles, meeting wonderful creatures, and helping new friends out of trouble, all the while searching for a mysterious deep-sea treasure.Will she find her way home?

Join us in this magical tale exploring themes of friendship and the environment featuring award-winning puppetry.

Shanez Pattni (Home I’m Darling) is the inquisitive Zoe. The scavengers accompanying her on the journey are puppeteers Eden Harbud and Teele Uustani as well as actress Benedetta Zanetti.


  • Southbank Centre:  1st – 3rd September
  • Plymouth Theatre Royal:  7th – 9th September
  • Polka Theatre. London:  29th September – 7th October
  • Lakeside Arts Nottingham:  15th October

Further Information: Zoe's Peculiar Journey Through Time (southbankcentre.co.uk)