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The Alchemist/ via Facebook

The Best Mocktails in Manchester

5 January 2018 | Jasmine Lee Kennedy

Mixology may as well become a part of the Mancunian curriculum because everyone there is either a highly skilled cocktail maker, or just really good at drinking them. You can’t go far without crossing a fabulous bar, whether it’s the Northern Quarter, Deansgate or Spinningfields, which is slightly devastating for those who have taken to Dry January. So, we’ve found some of the best places in Manchester to grab a mocktail to quench your thirst…

The Alchemist

Image credit: @bazcollie/ via Twitter
“Double double, toil and trouble”, is what we imagine the bartenders who work at The Alchemist to be muttering. These ‘masters of the dark arts and molecular mixology’ are famous for their steaming, bubbling potion-like cocktails, making it a novel and unique spot to enjoy a mocktail. Their menu, which is designed like an elements table, offers three non-alcoholic choices; ‘Kaleing me softly’ (apple, kale, elderflower, cucumber and mint), ‘Strawberry Colada’ (strawberry, coconut, lime and pineapple), and ‘Kick’ (tonic base with a coffee foam), all for £4.50 each.
The Alchemist is located at 3 Hardman St, M3 3HF and 1 New York St, M1 4HD.
The Botanist

Image credit: The Botanist/ via Facebook
Last year, The Botanist hosted a Mocktail Master Class to help you through Dry January and showed that non-alcoholic cocktails can be just as fun and delicious as ones full of booze. This year they offer alternatives such as their ‘All the Greens’ mocktail for £4.50, which looks as healthy as it sounds, and comes with a kiwi, mint and pipet garnish (is that how you’re meant to drink it?!). Filled with ‘green goodness’, this alcohol-free option will give you the boost you need to get through January.
The Botanist is located at 78 Deansgate, M3 2FW and 1d School Ln, M20 6RD.
Cloud 23

Image credit: Cloud 23/ via Facebook
Mingle with the clouds on the 23rd floor of the Beetham Tower, taking in the city’s stunning skyline whilst enjoying one of Cloud 23’s incredible mocktails. A particular menu highlight includes the ‘Bee on Time’. Based on the Mancunian worker bee – a symbol that originally paid homage to the city’s industrial past, but last year gained significance in the city as a symbol of hope - the drink is made of lemon sherbert, apple juice and sage, and is garnished with bee pollen. They also have the ‘Salute the Sun’ (pink grapefruit and cranberries mixed with honey, lime and raspberry) and the aptly titled ‘Little Fluffy Cloud’ (peach and rosemary).
Cloud 23 is located at Beetham Tower, 303 Deansgate, M3 4LQ.
Revolución de Cuba

Image credit: @cococamiblog/ via Twitter

Revolución de Cuba is a snazzy Cuban themed bar located on Peter Street. Despite their avid love for all things rum-based, they offer a simple but delicious selection of mocktails for £4.35 a pop; ‘Summer Punch’ (strawberry and passion fruit mixed with cranberry and soda), ‘Lavender Lemonade’ (soda with lavender and lemon), ‘Apple and Raspberry Mojito’ (fresh raspberries with apple, lime and mint) and a ‘Shy May Tai’ (sweet almond balanced with lime, pineapple and garnished with perfumed orange).
Revolución de Cuba is located at 11 Peter St, M2 5QR.

Image credit: Scene Indian Kitchen/ via Facebook

As well as offering Indo-Chinese street food-inspired dishes, Scene Indian Kitchen is home to some delightful virgin cocktails – if you’ve got a hankering for a Mojito or a Pina Colada, they’ve got you sorted. They also have one called ‘Strawberry Dreams’ (strawberry and raspberry shaken with apple juice) and if you ask at the bar they’d be more than happy to rustle something else up for you.
Scene is located at 4 Left Bank, M3 3AN.

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