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9 July 2024 to 13 July 2024 Richmond Theatre

Promotional poster for the play Accolade by Emlyn Williams, directed by Sean Mathias. It features portraits of the cast: Ayden Callaghan, Honeysuckle Weeks, Sara Crowe, Gavin Fowler, Jamie Hogarth, David Phelan, and others. Dates and venue: Richmond Theatre, Tue 9 - Sat 13 July.

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Starring Ayden Callaghan (Hollyoaks, The Bodyguard UK Tour) and Honeysuckle Weeks (Foyle’s War, Calendar Girls the Musical UK Tour), Accolade follows the life of celebrated writer Will Trenting on the verge of receiving a much coveted award for his work.

Three actors perform on a stage designed to look like a vintage living room. A woman in a green dress adjusts the top hat of a man in a suit. Another man in an overcoat watches them from a nearby sofa. The set is detailed with bookshelves, framed art, and antique furniture.

A gripping tale of ambition, scandal, and the harsh realities that lie beneath the surface of success. With razor-sharp dialogue, poignant moments, and unexpected twists at every turn, Emlyn Williams’ play remains remarkably relevant nearly 75 years after its debut.

A staged scene from a play with six actors in 1940s-era costumes. The setting is a vintage living room with wooden furnishings and bookshelves. One actor points assertively while the others watch. The atmosphere is tense, suggesting a dramatic moment.

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