Save The Princess

11 August 2024 to 14 August 2024 Hen & Chickens Theatre

A new tech extravaganza that promises a unique form of live interactive entertainment.

Grab a controller and get ready to play Save The Princess. Princess Plum is about to get kidnapped... again, but there’s a glitch and now she’s off on her own adventure across the video game multiverse. Armed with nothing but a cryptic prophecy, Princess Plum embarks on a journey to find freedom. Using your smartphone, YOU become the master of Plum's destiny. Will she find herself in a 'Red Dead Redemption’ style showdown, a cutesy-yet-unsettling village akin to 'Animal Crossing,' or slap bang in the middle of a 'Fifa' inspired football pitch? The path Plum takes is entirely up to you!

It’s time to level up as the innovative theatre company The UnDispoables launches its latest update to the gaming and theatrical universe Save The Princess for audiences as part of the Camden Fringe. From a female-led creative team of gamers based in High Wycombe, the show promises to bend the narratives and engage audiences in a new form of live entertainment that they can interact with.

Inspired by choose-your-own-adventure video and board games, the team behind Save The Princess has created something truly unique that gives theatrical audiences a sense of ownership and responsibility over the storyline on stage.  Written by Esther Joy Mackay Using an online web application to play the game (no need to download anything!), Save the Princess offers multiple possible worlds to explore and endings to the play. 

Following Princess Plum, an unlikely protagonist who’s decided to put an end to her damsel-in-distress programming – the show launches into a multiverse journey encountering a host of wacky characters and parodies from iconic video games.  When Plum makes an abnormal choice to refuse her destined Mario-style kidnapping, the game glitches and puts the audience in control, dictating which direction the plot follows throughout in a bid to uncover a cryptic prophecy and fix what’s broken. 

Writer and performer Esther Mackay comments, As a company, we all love video games, and so we’ve had a lot of fun playing with the lore and logic many games follow, as well as poking some fun at how rubbish the role of women is sometimes portrayed as within gaming and gaming communities.  At its heart Save the Princess was created to be entertaining. To make people laugh and come together in a room, and leave with loads of questions to keep them guessing about what they could have done differently.

Venue: Hen & Chickens Theatre, 109 St Paul's Road, N1 2NA

Running Time: 55 minutes - Age 12+

Tickets: Save the Princess - Camden Fringe