Top Picks in LGBTQ+ Bars and Cafes in Manchester

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Image © Fred Collins afloat and ashore via Flickr

Canal Street and beyond, here are our favourite LGBTQ+ pubs, clubs and cafés in Manchester…

Famed for its friendly, welcoming party scene, the Gay Village in Manchester is centred on a buzzing canal street lined with casual cafés and lively gay bars. With over 40 venues thriving with the best food, drink, green spaces and entertainment in the north, it’s a place that is good for the soul… and of course Pride is always a good idea.  

With over 40 venues thriving with the best food, drink, green spaces and entertainment in the north, it’s a place that’s good for the soul. Oh, and one more thing, Pride is always a good idea! When it comes to gay bars and cafes, Manchester has a lot to offer… here are a few of our favourites.  

The Molly House

Image © Twitter via @themollyhouse

26 Richmond St, Manchester, M1 3NB 

It’s shabby, it’s chic and Molly is most certainly calling your name to join her for a tipple or two. Located a few streets away from Canal Street, this three-story vintage pub takes great pride in its décor, creating a cosy, golden lit haven with original wooden furnishings. Ever fancied drinking a pot of tea on a chaise lounge? Look no further. The Molly House offers a variety of beers to cocktails, Spanish tapas to brunch and specialty world teas to name a few. Indulge yourself (and friends) into Molly’s collection of worldwide newspapers, books and magazines whilst in the tea room, upstairs in the bordello or out on the verandah come rain or shine (most probably rain in Manchester). 

Top tip: donate your unwanted good reads to Molly’s bookshelf. 

Richmond Tea Rooms

Image © Instagram via @richmondtearooms

6 Sackville St, Manchester, M1 3WF 

We’ve all wondered what it would be like to sit around the table at the Mad Hatters Tea Party, and although we can’t jump into Lewis Carroll’s novel, Richmond Tea Rooms comes close enough.  

An Alice in Wonderland inspired afternoon tea is definitely on the table here (literally), including the finest china plates, extravagant cakes and milkshakes fit for a Queen of Hearts. Explore the whimsical and enchanting interior as you make your way down their incredible list of loose-leaf tea (they’re quite the expert). 

You can also experience their very own Mad Hatters Tea Party. For one night only, immerse yourself into an evening of spectacular entertainment and join the hottest drag and cabaret acts as they take you into the world of Wonderland. 

For more information on what’s in store, click here


Image © Facebook via @Via.Canal.Street

28-30 Canal St, Manchester, M1 3EZ 

Named the ‘old lady of the street’, it’s unique charm and interior makes Via stand out from the crowd. They say their food menu has something for everyone and that’s no word of a lie. From a Sunday Roast to every pizza topping you could imagine, Via has it all. Their Lip Sync War seems quite the mouthy battle but until then, head on over to soak up their range of DJ’s, cabaret, live music and a good old dance.

New York, New York

Image © Facebook via @newyorkbarmcr

94-98 Bloom Street, Manchester, M1 3LY 

A gay bar that has stood strong for over 30 years, New York, New York offers a great night out, any night of the week. There’s a reason this venue earned itself the nickname ‘The Party Palace’, and it indeed lives up to its reputation. With hands-in-the-air nights that have you singing along at the top of your lungs and themed nights there is heaps to enjoy about this renowned gay bar.  

Their main room opens every night at 8pm with resident DJ’s. However, if dancing isn’t your thing and something more chilled is on your mind, their coffee and cocktail bar is open from 1pm with comfortable seating and places to charge your phone and laptop. You can enjoy a different kind of work space and treat yourself to one of their many tasty cocktails when you’re done!