Fatback Band - at Jazz Cafe

14 June 2024 The Jazz Cafe

Fatback Band playing at Jazz Cafe

One of the 70s grittiest funk acts come to the Jazz Cafe to once again bring the party of an old-school variety.

Every time Fatback Band come to Jazz Cafe, they sell out, even with tickets above a typical asking price, even though they are five decades on from their original spell of popularity. Why? Their parties are the liveliest in funk, making even the elders lose their feet, electrifying audiences of all ages. 

Their last visit to Camden was a complete romp. Not a single person stood still, everyone frantically taking their layers off, with the most dance-hungry patrons aged 65+. The funk never dies, it simply evolves. 

If you're looking for bodythumping bass grooves, outrageous rattling drums, and deep, soulful vocalists commandeering the set, Fatback Band have it all. You probably know a few of their classics, or at least recognise them, but you won't need to. Even the uninitiated become Fatback fans upon leaving the venue. Come check it out.