In Focus: Heloisa Hariadne

30 May 2024 to 15 June 2024 TIWANI CONTEMPORARY

Heloisa Hariadne, As vezes sinto que vale a pena ser salva, 2023 | Oil on Canvas

First UK solo exhibition

"My painting is an investigation of memories in my body, in which I question the temptations and intentions in a portrait of the intimate - a memory of records of looks, people and constructions, of small shapes, environmental themes, habits, the rescue of the knowledge of native peoples - all these things that fill in the images. I like to think of my paintings as emotional portraits."
Heloisa Hariadne.

Tiwani Contemporary are pleased to present, In Focus: Heloisa Hariadne, which marks the artists first UK solo presentation. The In Focus will take place in the gallery's London space in Cork Street, and runs from 30 May through to 15 June 2024.

Heloisa Hariadne is an early career artist who has established a botanical and philosophically driven visual language pursuing existential questions around will and self-determination, and the impact of personal and historical past events, and memories in relation to her subject-hood. By removing herself from a daily circuit of chasing the conventions of contemporary daily life, the artist steps back in isolation, and allows herself to have a meditative breathing space, where she can reach the answers to these questions through her practice, transforming the canvas into a visual memoir.

Hariadne draws inspiration from the connection she has with her body, her nourishment - both physical and spiritual, and the ambience that surrounds her. Nature, being one of the key elements in Hariadne’s practice, acts as a healer and is a place where Hariadne repairs and generates her constant imaginative stream. Movement, dance, and writing equally manifest meaningful connections that translates to her canvases.

For further information: In Focus: Heloisa Hariadne