Lowry and the Sea

25 May 2024 to 13 October 2024 The Granary Gallery

LS Lowry. July, the Seaside. 1943

A new exhibition at the Granary Gallery including 20 of his works from public and private collections

In 2024, the Granary Gallery is taking a deep dive into LS Lowry´s (1887-1976) interest in seascapes, specifically of the North Sea, which he captured from the Northumberland coast over several decades. 
Visitors to Lowry and the Sea will have the opportunity to see 20 of his works, including oil paintings, as well as drawings in pastel, charcoal, and pencil, both from public and private collections. 

Although best known for his industrial paintings of Manchester and the surrounding area, LS Lowry began visiting the North East of England from the 1930s, with his first visit to Berwick-upon-Tweed around 1935. He became a regular visitor to the town until his death in 1976 capturing the town’s streets and buildings and views of the North Sea. Lowry was fascinated by the sea and had first been drawn to it as an art subject at just 8 years old and it had by now become increasingly important in his work Similar to his famed industrial works, he found an equally mysterious mood in the waves and winds, as he did in the smoke of Salford. 

Lowry would capture the different vessels that he saw from the shore. In Yachts (1920, The Lowry Collection, Salford), they are dotted about under broken clouds, yet the view retains a calmness. A relaxed view of the sea continues with people strewn on the beach in Spittal Sands, Berwick (1960, Private Collection), while Waiting for the Tide (1965, Private Collection) conveys a ship peacefully floating in the distance. 

Many of the seascapes would be turned into limited-edition prints and become popular images of Britain´s coastline. Now, visitors to The Granary Gallery will have the opportunity to see up close the original sketches, drawings and paintings by LS Lowry in the place where he found so much inspiration over his decades-long celebrated career.

James Lowther, Head of Visual Arts at the Maltings says ‘We are delighted to present this new exhibition of original works by LS Lowry at the Granary Gallery. Lowry had a great affection for Berwick-upon-Tweed, evidenced by the number of works he produced of the town. These works provide a fascinating starting point to explore Lowry’s lifelong fascination with the sea and I’m sure the exhibition will of great interest to local people and visitors from far afield.’ 

Tickets for Lowry and the Sea will go on sale on Monday, 1 April 2024 

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