Matthew Krishanu and Andrew Omoding

26 April 2024 to 23 June 2024 Camden Art Centre

Andrew Omoding Photo-courtesy-of-the-Artist-and-ActionSpace

New exhibitions at Camden Art Centre

The Bough Breaks: Matthew Krishanu: 26 Apr/23 Jun 2024

This major solo exhibition will present a body of new work, including paintings and works on paper that form the expansive world of Krishanu's artistic practice.

Matthew Krishanu (b.1980, Bradford, UK) paints atmospheric, pared-back compositions including scenes from the artist’s life, particularly his childhood years in Bangladesh growing up with his brother, and their parents who were Christian missionaries. In the paintings, seemingly familiar narratives are alluded to but destabilised. The viewer’s own projections are called upon to fulfil the interpretive loop, raising questions about childhood, religion, race, power, and the legacies of empire.

Animals to Remember Uganda: Andrew Omoding: 26 Apr/23 Jun 2024

Camden Art Centre is delighted to announce a major solo exhibition by Andrew Omoding (b. 1987, Uganda), following the success of his residency at the Centre in 2019.

In an ambitious new commission developed site-responsively for Gallery Three and the Reading Room, Omoding will repurpose abandoned materials and objects, interweaving them with new metalwork produced in a London foundry, music, and video in an installation that embraces the characteristic exuberance and generosity of his practice. Omoding’s work is largely autobiographical, infused with memories of his childhood years in Uganda. Led by an inquisitive nature and discerning eye, he salvages materials then choreographs them in complex structures that sit between figuration and abstraction. 

Music is a backdrop for the creation and appreciation of Omoding’s work—often traditional Ugandan folksongs or contemporary African pop music that he plays whilst working in his London studio. The energy and rhythm of the music directly informs the pace of his work, as well as the improvised movements of his fingers and hands. Some objects are scaled to his body to be used performatively, as instruments.

Camera to look, to make music; 2 May 2024

Join exhibiting artist Andrew Omoding for a public workshop where he will lead participants in creating DIY cameras and instruments from everyday materials. 

Painting Mission: 16 May, 7pm 

Exhibiting artist Matthew Krishanu will be in conversation with writer and editor, Allie Biswas about his Mission, Holy Family, and House of God painting series.

Further Information: Exhibitions - In the Building - Camden Art Centre