Roni Size and DJ Storm - at the Jazz Cafe

7 June 2024 The Jazz Cafe

Poster for A History of UK Pirate Radio: Jungle & DnB w/ Roni Size + DJ Storm, at Camden's Jazz Cafe
Jazz Cafe

Roni Size and DJ Storm share the bill at Camden's Jazz Cafe, kicking off a 4 nights in June series on the History of Pirate Radio.

A legacy night of old-school jams, UK icons DJ Storm and Roni Size spearhead a crash course in British musical history. Roni Size, recipient of the first Mercury Prize awarded to a UK dance act, has been described as a founding father of jungle, credited with expanding the genre and paving way for 21st century Drum and Bass.

Metalheadz heavyweight DJ Storm makes an unlikely, but welcome, link-up; the First Lady of Drum and Bass has been pushing the scene forward for three decades now, with few matching her catalog and experience. 

This marks the first of four events at June in Jazz Cafe which celebrate UK dance history. Drum and bass is one part of the picture, but it is made complete throughout the residency with dubstep, garage, and UK house finding representation at Camden's Jazz Cafe.