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Here’s our pick of the 5 best films to watch this week, either streaming from the comfort of your home or immersed on the big screen. We’ve narrowed it down so you can spend less time scrolling and more time watching.

A Haunting in Venice - Available in Cinemas

Now retired and living in self-imposed exile in the world's most glamorous city, Poirot reluctantly attends a seance at a decaying, haunted palazzo. He soons gets thrust into a sinister world of shadows and secrets when one of the guests is murdered.

1h 43m | Mystery/Crime | 12A

Directed by: Kenneth Branagh  |  Starring: Kenneth Branagh, Michelle Yeoh, Jamie Dornan, Tina Fey, Kelly Reilly, Riccardo Scamarcio

Available in Cinemas

A Million Miles Away – Stream on Amazon Prime

Jose M Hernandez was born in Mexico. While working in the fields, he co-developed the first digital mammography imaging system. He then persevered to become a crew member on Space Shuttle mission STS-128.

2h 1m | Drama/Sci-fi | PG

Directed by: Alejandra Márquez Abella |  Starring: Michael Peña, Rosa Salazar, Julio Cesar Cedillo, Veronica Falcón, Juan Pablo Monterrubio, Garret Dillahunt

Watch now on Amazon Prime Video

El Conde - Stream on Netflix

Centers on Augusto Pinochet who is not dead but an aged vampire. After living 250 years in this world, he has decided to die once and for all.

1h 50m | Horror/Comedy | 15

Directed by: Pablo Larraín  |  Starring: Jaime Vadell, Gloria Münchmeyer, Alfredo Castro, Paula Luchsinger, Stella Gonet, Catalina Guerra

Watch now on Netflix

Fruitvale Station – Stream on Amazon Prime

When Oscar Grant III decides to take a public train in Oakland, California, a series of unfortunate events lead to fatal and permanent consequences.

1h 25m | Drama/Romance | 15

Directed by: Ryan Coogler  |  Starring: Michael B. Jordan, Melonie Diaz, Octavia Spencer, Kevin Durand, Chad Michael Murray, Ahna O'Reilly

Watch now on Amazon Prime Video

The Thin Red Line - Stream on Disney +

A group of soldiers face an unlikely battle at the Guadalcanal, where they fight all odds in order to survive. As the war progresses, they lose out on each other while still hoping to win the war.

2h 50m | Drama/War | 15

Directed by: Terrence Malick  |  Starring: Sean Penn, Nick Nolte, Jim Caviezel, Adrien Brody, John Cusack, George Clooney, John C. Reilly, Woody Harrelson, John Travolta

Watch now on Disney +