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Here’s our pick of the 5 best films to watch this week, either streaming from the comfort of your home or immersed on the big screen. We’ve narrowed it down so you can spend less time scrolling and more time watching.

Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes - Available in Cinemas

Many years after the reign of Caesar, a young ape goes on a journey that will lead him to question everything he's been taught about the past and make choices that will define a future for apes and humans alike.

2h 25m | Action/Sci-fi | 12A

Directed by: Wes Ball  |  Starring: Freya Allan, Owen Teague, Kevin Durand, Peter Macon, William H. Macy, Eka Darville

Available in Cinemas

Brian and Charles - Stream on Netflix

Brian is a lonely inventor in rural Wales who spends his days building quirky, unconventional contraptions that seldom work. Undeterred by his lack of success, he soon attempts his biggest project yet. Using a washing machine and various spare parts, he invents Charles, an artificial intelligence robot that learns English from a dictionary and has an obsession with cabbages.

1h 30m | Comedy/Drama | PG

Directed by: Jim Archer  |  Starring: David Earl, Chris Hayward, Louise Brealey, Jamie Michie, Nina Sosanya, Lynn Hunter

Watch now on Netflix

Kick Ass - Stream on Amazon Prime Video

Comic book geek Dave sets out to become Kick-Ass, a real-life superhero. Big Daddy and Hit-Girl attempt to dismantle the underworld empire of mob boss Frank D'Amico, when Kick-Ass gets involved.

1h 46m | Comedy/War | 15

Directed by: Matthew Vaughn  |  Starring: Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Chloë Grace Moretz, Nicolas Cage, Lyndsy Fonseca, Mark Strong

Watch now on Amazon Prime Video

Let It Be - Stream on Disney +

Initially slated to be a television documentary about the Beatles in the studio, this film, directed by Michael Lindsay-Hogg, instead captures the writing and recording of their penultimate album, "Let It Be." After the dense complexity of "The White Album," Paul McCartney wants to return to basics with the next offering. However, tensions within the band are high and quickly become frayed in the studio. The film ends with a rooftop concert in London, the last live show from the group.

1h 21m | Documentary/Drama | U

Directed by: Michael Lindsay-Hogg  |  Starring: John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, Ringo Starr

Watch now on Disney +

1917 - Stream on Netflix

Two soldiers, assigned the task of delivering a critical message to another battalion, risk their lives for the job in order to prevent them from stepping right into a deadly ambush.

1h 59m | War/Action | 15

Directed by: Sam Mendes  |  Starring: George MacKay, Dean-Charles Chapman, Mark Strong, Andrew Scott, Richard Madden

Watch now on Netflix