Top 5 Christmas Themed Cocktails

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Picture it; some good company (or a book) a log burning in the fire, your most comfortable socks (perhaps pre-warmed and specially reserved for this time of year) and a well-concocted drink in your hand… Here is our guide to the Christmas drinks that we think you should be making for your loved ones!

Classic Negroni

First up is the classic negroni which as many of you will know is all-kinds-of-delicious. A balanced marriage of gin, sweet vermouth and Campari, this is a drink that tastes complex and rich - yet is very simple to make. Make sure to add the twisted orange peel (or experiment with other citrus peels) or a sprig of lightly bashed rosemary to get the essential oils diffusing into the air and liquid. Yum.

You may be familiar with mulled wine or mulled cider, but what about a chilled mulled port? The fortified Portuguese wine is delicious when mulled with spices and makes for an ideal festive drink when combined with a zap of citrus.

Rum Macchiato

Next up is a rum macchiato which involves a white rum (such as the aged Diplomático Planas), coconut milk, a dash of walnut syrup and freshly brewed coffee. Try this recipe if you are feeling the winter chill and need something warm in your hands!

Amaretto Disaronno Sour

A favourite of many mixologists and a staple on bar menus all around the world, the Amaretto Disaronno Sour has wonderful notes of almond (via the Disaronno - which actually contains no almonds!), lemon, bitters and sweet cherry. This is a decadent Italian treasure that is perfect for the Christmas season!

Seasonal Sangria

Ah, Sangra. Not just fit for a Spanish beach, this excellent Holiday Sangria recipe involves pomegranate, pear, citrus, cinnamon and dry red wine. Perfect for rehydrating after too much time in front of an open fire... Make a big batch because it will go down quickly!