Battersea Arts Centre

23 November 2024 to 23 November 2024 Battersea Arts Centre

A vibrant street parade featuring dancers in colorful traditional costumes. The participants wear elaborate outfits adorned with sequins and fringe, with a diverse crowd watching from the sides. Bright city lights illuminate the lively scene.

Launches its Autumn 2024 season as part of celebrating 50 years as a home for the extraordinary.

Battersea Arts Centre is thrilled to present its Autumn 24 season including the UK Premiere of Soliloquio (I woke up and hit my head against the wall) by Tiziano Cruz. Fuel return celebrating 20 years of pioneering creative innovation with the world premiere of Nowhere by Khalid Abdalla. Long-time collaborators Forced Entertainment bring performances from Bert & Nasi and Seke Chimutengwende & Cathy Naden as part of their Forced Entertainment at 40 season and Ocean Hester Stefan Chillingworth presents a gripping cycle of destruction and creation in Blood Show. 

Autumn 24 Season

Nowhere: Fuel 1 – 19 October

In this intricate and playful solo show, inspired by his involvement in the Egyptian revolution of 2011, and his experience of the counter-revolution that followed, actor and activist Khalid Abdalla (United 93, The Kite Runner, The Crown) takes us on a surprising journey into his own history, set against a cartography of seismic world events.

BEAT-FLYS  22 – 23 Oct 

BLINK Dance Theatre and BAC Beatbox Academy present BEAT-FLYS; a fresh new sensory and immersive show for adults with Profound and Multiple Learning Disabilities.

Soliloquio (I woke up and hit my head against the wall) Tiziano Cruz 30 Oct & 1 –2 Nov

A festive procession followed by a poignant performance exorcizing centuries of injustice and shining a light on indigenous cultures.

L’Addition: 5 - 16 Nov 

Tim Etchells with Bertrand Lesca and Nasi Voutsas. Two performers armed with (or trapped in) a single scene – a customer orders a drink from a waiter. And then things go awry.

Blood Show:  12 – 23 Nov 

Ocean Hester Stefan Chillingworth  - 'Blood Show' is a trans celebration of destroying things, including ourselves, in order to create something new.

If All Else Fails: Seke Chimutengwende & Cathy Naden 19 - 23 Nov

Comical and tangled, 'If All Else Fails' is a dialogue of speech and movement, questions and answers. An absurd test that fails to find the answers.

Outrageous Behaviour: 4 x 4 Dance Championship Final:  Impact Dance - 2 Aug

The 4 x 4 Dance Championship Final is here! So get ready for a night of full-on competition, vibes and incredible teamwork featuring some of the country’s brightest dance talent!

Open Research Week | Revisiting Roger Casement in the Amazon: 28 Oct – 1 Nov 

Through a week-long programme in collaboration with thinkers, makers and activists from both sides of the Atlantic, artist Mark Maughan invites audiences into the making process for a new performance piece.

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