Hejira: Celebrating Joni Mitchell - at the Forge

3 August 2024 The Forge,

A woman with curly hair and a colorful shirt plays an electric guitar and sings into a microphone on a stage. Next to her, an older man in a patterned shirt plays another electric guitar. They perform under purple stage lights with a drum set visible in the background.

A night of venerance for one of the greatest to ever do it, this 7-piece band titled after Joni's landmark record 'Hejira' plays her 70s classics.

The string of Joni Mitchell's albums - ‘The Hissing of Summer Lawns’, ‘Hejira’, ‘Don Juan’s Reckless Daughter’ and ‘Mingus’ - from what is labbeled as her 'Jazz period', contained some of the best albums of that decade and the century as a whole. Mitchell's transition from folk to jazz marked one of the greatest artistic transitions of any artist, proving her ability to take on new forms confidentally and changing the course of jazz music from the 70s onwards.

Now, the 7-piece Hejira - named so for Mitchell's eponymous album - take to The Forge for a glorious evening of commemoration, nostalgia, and otherwise musical merriment, covering and reinterpreting some of the best tracks ever put to wax. 

Much of the material on the night will in no doubt be influenced by her live album 'Shadows and Light', which contained some of her Jazz periods greatest tunes. The band is fronted by the ever-talented Hattie Whitehead, who faithfully reinterprets the musical techniques of Joni while simultaneously embodying her aura; Ms Whitehead has done her homework, while still bringing forward her own original style.

For fans of this era of Joni Mitchell's work, this is a must-see.