Rainweaver - at the Cockpit

1 August 2024 to 3 August 2024 The Cockpit

Close-up of a person's face illuminated with green light, against a red background. The person appears to be looking upwards with a curious or contemplative expression. The lighting casts shadows that accentuate the contours of the face.

A spellbinding folk music theatre play about the meaning of home and trust.

Through movement, original live music and song, Rain Weaver transports our lived experiences as an international collaboration into a fantastical world. It explores the intricate interactions between an isolated society and a foreign rain weaver arriving with a different understanding and a much-needed skill.

“When the storms cleared, the people were gone.
Nothing was left but heat and…
One mountain, one last place where the rain survived.”

The sand came, the kingdoms fell. Now, there is only one village left where there is still rain. Legends speak of gods and spirits who keep the thirst at bay. But hidden away, it is Rain Weaver Oo using her ancient craft to provide. 

When lies come to light, Oo faces a world full of scavengers and moving towns, desperate for her skills. How much of this need can one single person fill, and at what cost to herself? 

Join us for this riveting, defiant journey across a dystopian world. Rain Weaver will run for a limited time only.