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Sherlock: The Official Live Game

27 March 2024 to 27 March 2025 West 12 Shopping Centre

A promotional image for Sherlock: The Official Live Game features the main character in the foreground wearing a dark coat and scarf. Behind him is another person in a suit. Several other characters are in the background in a living room setting. The title is in bold yellow text.

The Best Immersive Experience in London: step inside Sherlock’s world, as the hit show finally gets its immersive experience...

From the creators of the hit BBC TV show, Sherlock, comes an unforgettable immersive experience – Sherlock: The Official Live Game!

Don your deerstalkers and step into the shoes of the Consulting Detective as you take on a brand-new case in either the original escape experience, Sherlock: The Official Live Game, or brand-new game The Mind of Moriarty: Live Escape Experience.

Travel through iconic locations from the show, receiving clues along the way via original content from the cast, including Benedict Cumberbatch, Andrew Scott, Martin Freeman and Mark Gatiss!

Finish your mission with a trip to a hidden speakeasy bar, The Mind Palace, and sample a Sherlock-inspired cocktail.

A dimly lit bar with red patterned wallpaper, several framed pictures on the walls, and green cushioned stools. Patrons are sitting and talking at tables. A bar counter with warm lighting is to the left, and a clock is mounted on a pillar.