South Parade Presents Two new Exhibitions

27 June 2024 to 3 August 2024 South Parade

On the left, there's a white and gray striped paper bag with twisted handles and a small rectangular patch. On the right, an abstract sculpture featuring dark, angular protrusions over a rounded, white, and green base is displayed. Both objects are on a plain floor.
Credit: Left: Garrett Lockhart, untitled (Sephora, small), 2024, Right: Aidan Duffy, Fresh and Damp, 2023.

Garrett Lockhart: The World Awake and CYLINDER x South Parade: Jonghwan Lee & Aidan Duffy.

South Parade presents two new exhibitions for their Summer programme: The World Awake, a new exhibition by Garrett Lockhart, as well as a dual-gallery collaboration with CYLINDER (Seoul, South Korea), presenting paintings by Jonghwan Lee and sculpture by Aidan Duffy.

Garrett Lockhart: The World Awake is the artist’s first exhibition in London. Lockhart is often searching for an expanded, metaphysical sense of home. For their show at South Parade, the artist finds home in the stars, the lit windows of strangers, and a crackling fire. The World Awake presents a collection of sculpture, assemblage, and a video work, utilising the gallery and adjacent storage room to examine dwelling as an embodied practice of  memory, time, and displacement.

Lockhart shares a new series of inkjet transfer ‘starweeds’, a continued motif in the artist’s practice — star-shaped rosette weeds that typically grow near open roadsides, stock yards, undeveloped areas and arid pastures.Here, as a starry sky, the starweeds enter the space as shifting forms that simultaneously anchor and spread, shining as lights in the abyss. They are a constellation we might gaze up at to get lost for a moment, or use to find our way.
Attention then shifts from skywards to the ground, with a series of reclaimed paper shopping bags, found objects which inherently transform the scale of the room. The bags are branded but obscured, reflective of the home and body bound to capitalism, to the continuously moving patterns of contemporary pedestrian living.Starched and painted to retain stiffness, the bags collectively stand like houses or buildings, small clusters or ‘neighbourhoods.

Opening concurrently is a transcontinental dual-gallery collaboration between CYLINDER (Seoul, South Korea) and South Parade (London, UK), who are together presenting a two-person exhibition with paintings by Jonghwan Lee and sculpture by Aidan Duffy.

Jonghwan Lee’s paintings delve into the condensed world of painting materials that exist within the continuously forming cyclical structure of ‘perception’ and how such perception of painting conjures a sense of vitality for the viewer.

Aidan Duffy creates sculptures of rich texture, shape and structure that combine and fuse the natural and the synthetic; the organic and inorganic. He collects and uses an intriguing range of natural and industrially made materials: stone and driftwood, metals, pottery, furniture and other discarded or found objects.

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