The Witch Burns

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2 July 2024 to 12 July 2024 Fitzrovia Chapel

A large wooden structure resembling a human figure is burning, surrounded by trees and a pink sky. In the foreground, a group of claymation-style characters stands together, many dressed in festive attire, with a table of food and decorations nearby.
Radiohead & Chris Hopewell Burn the witch

Witchcraft and womanhood explored in a unique Gothic setting

For two weeks in July, works by some of the leading names in contemporary art will be displayed at Fitzrovia Chapel in an exploration of witchcraft, womanhood, feminism and satire.

The Witch Burns (2-12 July 2024) includes artists such as Sara Berman, Radiohead & Chris Hopewell, Malene Hartmann-Rasmussen, Tim Noble & Sue Webster, Zach Toppin and Nooka Shepherd, whose works delve deep into our continuing obsession with witches, female power and proto-religious imagery. A new work by Sue Webster will also be shown for the first time.

The works on display will show how contemporary art is currently challenging and redefining concepts of power and persecution. By inverting religious iconography and classic Christian imagery, modern feminist thought can be brought to the concept of the witch, unravelling the myth into something different for the 21st century.

This unique exhibition, curated by TIN MAN ART, will be hosted in London’s Fitzrovia Chapel, a Grade II-listed Gothic-revival building, originally built as a place for reflection and contemplation for staff and patients at the former Middlesex Hospital. It has survived demolition and closure to become a privately owned exhibition space that preserves its unique character and beauty.

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