Wayne Wayneson’s Rock Hard

22 July 2024 to 28 July 2024 All Is Joy

Album cover for Wayne Wayneson's Rock Hard. The image features a person with long hair, a moustache, and a hat on the right side. The album title is displayed in bold, stylized letters on the left. A parental advisory label is in the bottom right corner.

In the beginning there was chaos, a yawning nothingness, out of the void, emerged Wayne Wayneson: The God of Rock!

Wayne Wayneson is a multi-platinum, grammy award winning, country-rock superstar known for his infectious hits ‘Rock Hard’, ‘Little Man’ and ‘It’s Okay to be Soft’. Now this one person character comedy with music from the creators of Fisherman John: What’s On The End of My Rod’, brings Wayne Wayneson’s Rock Hard to London at 7.30pm from 22nd - 28th July, performing at Soho's newest venue, All Is Joy Studios.

Once a worshiped beacon of musical-masculinity for people across the universe, Wayne is now a toxic blend of arrogance and excess, dripping in cheap whiskey. 

Rumour has it that Wayne Wayneson has been rocking too hard recently… 

Perhaps his ego has grown too big for his cowboy boots? Or is his talent too big for his jeans? 

It is only a mother’s wrath that could discipline a deity as powerful as Wayneson.  

Wayne’s mother must confiscate his most prized possession, the source of his Godly Rock Power; His Manhood.

When a star falls from the heavens it really hits harder before your eyes.

Venue: All Is Joy Soho, 75 Dean Street, London W1D 3PU

Dates: 22 - 28 July - Times: 7.30pm - 8.45pm 

Tickets: £20 (+£2.38 booking fee) / £10 conc (+ £1.55 booking fee)

Box Office: www.allisjoysoho.com/events